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Development Team
Game design and writing:

Stefano Gualeni - @gua_le_ni

Art and animation:

Rebecca Portelli - @_becktato

Programming and visual effects:

Diego Zamprogno - @nurbed

Music and sound effects:

Riccardo Fassone - @doktorplirtz

Character's Voices
Wessel the Adventurer:

Krista Bonello Rutter Giappone

The Wizard:

Stefano Gualeni - @gua_le_ni

The Innkeeper:

Emily Short - @emshort

The Bird:

Pippin Barr - @pippinbarr

Deixis the Dragon:

Jasper Schellekens - @inDigitalGames

Special Thanks

Daniel Vella
(Maltese subtitles, photos of heads, proof-reading)

Attilio Gualeni
(Bergamasque subtitles, fixing the bookshelf)

James Moffett
(Shooting and editing the movie clips)

Marcello GoĢmez Maureira
(Website development)

Jasper Schellekens
(General awesomeness and support, plus voice)

Michelle Westerlaken
(Proof-reading of early scripts)

Carmelo Grech
(Sound technician)

Samuel Attard
(Sound technician)

Chiara Galea
(Providing complimentary nails)